Zion National Park

We spent the night in a cheap hotel outside of Zion National Park. On our way to the park, we noticed there was heavier traffic than any of the other parks we had visited. There were majestic mountains surrounding the area. 

On our way, we reserved a space at a campsite within the park. We paid $30 to enter the park. We immediately went to the campsite to check in. We were very disappointed. First of all, the campsite was jam packed with people. Our spot was just big enough for the truck and a tent. There was no privacy at all. 

We were okay. We could live with this, but then we found out that you have to take a shuttle to the hikes. This was not what we were looking for. We enjoyed the freedom to drive to the hikes and have private conversation in the truck. We liked to stop whenever we felt like it. This was troubling. We decided to check out other places around the park. We found a Ghost Town nearby. We decided to check it out. You can read about our time at The Ghost Town of Grafton, Utah here

The Ghost Town of Grafton, Utah

Once we returned from Grafton, we shuttled to the trail head for the Emerald Pools.

Here are some of the sights along the way:

On our way back from the hike we saw a helicopter rescue.

We heard that a park employee had about an 80 foot fall. We hope they are okay. We never heard the outcome. 

It must have been terrifying hanging in the air from a rope like that. 

At this point, we made an even more rash decision. We decided we wanted our alone time back. We would definitely come back to Zion if we were traveling with a larger group. This just wasn’t what we were looking for. We decided to go all the way to Capitol Reef National Park. We cancelled our campsite and headed out. 

We drove until late in the night and could not find a campsite. We finally decided to sleep in the truck on a dirt road outside of the campsite. Again, don’t do as we did. It was rather ridiculous. 

That being said, we did not regret the decision. Capitol Reef was another stunning place with plenty to see and the privacy that we were looking for. 

Read about our trip to Capitol Reef National Park here.

Capitol Reef National Park

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