Arches National Park

We paid $25 to enter the park. We got there an hour or two before sunset. A sign warns that the traffic can back up onto the highway. In that case, drivers are encouraged to move onto another park. We would recommend heading to Dead Horse Point State Park if that happens. 

Here are some of the sights we saw along the way (Click on PHOTOS to ENLARGE):

Our first stop was Park Avenue. The beautiful walls and formations are breathtaking. The views are supposed to be even better from the walking path. We didn’t want to miss the Delicate Arch before sunset, so we kept going. 

We stopped off at another scenic overlook. 

This is where we found our first signs of wildlife. 

Prairie Dogs!

We continued onto the parking area to walk the trail leading to the Delicate Arch. There was a pretty steady stream of people but it wasn’t too crowded. 

Wolfe Ranch can be viewed along the way. 


These are houses built by John Wesley Wolfe in the late 1800’s. Read more about the Wolfe Ranch at the National Park Site (

The trails are well marked. The hike is between 2.5 and 3 miles each way. 

Once you reach the arch, the view is spectacular. 

The people were quite and respectful of each other. Everyone took turns taking photos under the arch. 

We stayed for a little while and decided to head back to the car because we forgot to bring a flashlight.

We headed into the town of Moab and luckily scored the last hotel room in town. It was under $200, but much more than we thought we would spend camping. Unfortunately we did not have the foresight to book anything in advance. Don’t make the same mistake we did. Plan ahead!

We woke up the next day and decided to go to Dead Horse Point State Park because traffic was already backing up at Arches National Park.

You can read about our time at Dead Horse Point here. 

Dead Horse Point State Park

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